2012 Preservation Award from Historic Salem, Inc.

Re-drafting of the Salem Downtown Renewal Plan

Without a doubt the preservation of the Salem we have today is due in part to the implementation of the Heritage East and West Urban Renewal plans 40 years ago, which, as many know, replaced a plan that would have demolished the historic core of downtown.  Protecting and promoting this successful plan was the aim of Lynn Duncan, the Planning Department, and the Salem Redevelopment Authority when they undertook the re-drafting of this plan in 2011 with the aid of Steve Cecil and Emily Innes of the Cecil group.  While maintaining the original intent of the plan it was updated to reflect current design guidelines and clarify actions that the SRA can take, providing much protection to historic downtown buildings.  We invite you to applaud the work of all involved in this endeavor.

This plan took into account the positive investment environment that has emerged in Salem due to past reinvestment in cultural facilities, the public realm, and historic preservation preservation. The strategy provides specific tools to attract desirable mixed-use redevelopment while preserving the historic fabric and structures that distinguish it as one of the most prominent preservation venues in the nation. The plan provides guidance for special design reviews, pro-active redevelopment of public properties, and support for district-wide parking and circulation improvements. The planning process included close coordination with community organizations and advocates, leading to a 2012 Preservation Award from Historic Salem, Inc.