15 Steps to a More Sustainable Hospital

by Steven P, Furgeson, P.E., CEM, CHFM, LEED® AP

Engineered Systems

Jul 13, 2008.

America’s focus on healthy, sustainable environments is here to stay. Health care organizations that embrace sustainability for their facility and operations will undoubtedly reap similar benefits that are being seen by other owners throughout the country. These benefits will include reduced costs, cleaner operations, improved patient outcomes, enhanced goodwill, and a standout reputation within the community. Providing reliable patient care, infection control measures, 24-hr operations, and disaster preparedness are a few critical issues unique to hospital owners. These issues must be considered when applying sustainable solutions. Each of the steps below outlines a proven method for existing hospitals without large building programs to embrace sustainability — now — while still keeping an eye on the issues critically important to their environment of care. Read Full Article >