Cold Climate HVAC Challenges

by Richard D. Miles, LEED® AP, And Steven P. Furgeson, P.E., CEM, CHFM, LEED® AP

Engineered Systems

Aug 02, 2008.

The design of effective HVAC systems in cold climates requires careful attention to several key factors. These include outdoor drybulb/wetbulb (db/wb) temperatures, indoor temperature and humidity requirements, the quality of the building envelope, insulation of pipes and coils, airside economizers, and building pressurization, among others. Proper attention to these issues will result in thermally comfortable indoor environments with a minimum of humidity and moisture issues. This discussion focuses on Maine, where many of the buildings we have designed are located. Maine is generally indicative of HVAC design parameters in the northern tier states of the U.S. Read Full Article >