Mayor of Weymouth Presented with Harriman’s Plan for Emery Estate

Aug 07, 2012.

On August 1, Ken Buckland, prior Cecil Group Principal, along with the Mayor’s Emery Estate Advisory Committee, presented Weymouth’s Mayor Susan M. Kay with the final report from a planning effort that focused on discovering untapped revenue sources for a town acquired mansion.

The town of Weymouth is now prepared to take the next steps in the restoration and reuse of Emery Estate. Less than one year ago, the town purchased the Estate with the knowledge that this was a very special piece of land. With 24 acres atop King Oak Hill, the property has fantastic views of the Boston harbor and skyline. This impressive estate was once farmland and boasts a scaled replica mansion designed after Washington’s Mount Vernon. Working with the Mayor’s Emery Estate Advisory Committee, Harriman analyzed the property and developed a program for reuse that encourages the balanced use of private leases to reduce the cost of maintaining the property, while promoting a full complement of public access and activities so that the townspeople may fully enjoy the property.


This Project was completed prior to the Harriman and The Cecil Group merger.