Suitable For Framing

by Richard D. Miles and Clifton W. Greim, P.E.

Engineered Systems

Apr 09, 2007.

You won’t notice the HVAC components in two newly restored historic buildings that are part of the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, but that’s the point. Reopened after a two-decade closure, the McLellan House, built in 1801, and the Lorenzo de Medici Sweat Memorial Galleries, built in 1911, have HVAC systems that keep people comfortable and the buildings and artwork safe, and they do it without interfering with either building’s historical integrity. The two buildings constituted Portland’s art museum through most of the 1900s, but both were closed to the public in 1980 when construction began for a new building. Designed by I.M. Pei & Partners, the post-modern Charles Shipman Payson Building is attached to the Sweat Galleries and the McLellan House, and opened in 1983. The plan even then was to restore the historic buildings, forming a threestructure museum complex that would span three centuries of art and architecture. That goal was achieved last fall, with the completion of a two-year, $13.5 million restoration of the historic buildings. Read Full Article >