RSU 21

District-Wide Facilities Study Arundel, Kennebunk

Kennebunkport, Maine

Harriman recently conducted a comprehensive district-wide facilities study of all the schools in RSU #21. The scope of the study included reviewing the district’s educational programs, documenting existing conditions of facilities, assessing energy efficiency of the facilities, gathering community input, and developing a Facilities Plan for RSU #21 for all six schools leading to capital improvement projects, additions, renovations, new construction, and energy efficiency upgrades.

The facilities study also included the following:

1. Update the planning decisions student population projections, compare these to the overall student capacity in the schools. Develop strategies for better aligning capacity with a declining population.

2. Analysis of all aspects of renovating Kennebunk High School to address significant facilities problems and a lack of educationally adequate space. Harriman developed concept level plans, budgets and construction schedules leading to renovations and additions.

3. Review of the indoor air quality problems at the Middle School of the Kennebunks.

4. Study of all aspects of consolidating the elementary schools to reduce operations and maintenance costs, improve the educational environments, and create equity among the remaining schools. Options for closing one or more elementary schools were developed, as well as concept level budgets and construction schedules leading to renovations and additions. Options were also studied for the continued use or sale of any school that may be closed due to consolidation.

5. Assisting the RSU in updating its VFA Reports in the Spring of 2010 as required by the DOE.

6. Assisting the RSU in updating their Capital Improvements Plan and begin design and construction on selected projects.

7. Review of current policies and procedures within the Operations Department and coordination with the planned construction projects.