Scarborough School

Department District-Wide Facility Study

Scarborough, Maine

Harriman is in the last stage of a district-wide Facilities Master Plan of all schools in the Scarborough School Department. It is meant to dovetail with a recent educational master plan for improving educational programs in Scarborough.

The goals of the Facilities Master Plan are:

  • Provide a Long Range Facilities Plan to ensure that the school facilities will be in alignment with the Scarborough School Department’s Educational Goals, 21st Century Skills, and the 18 Month Improvement Strategies. Propose facilities upgrades needed to meet the district’s educational goals.
  • Look beyond short term facilities upgrades and produce a long term plan to serve the needs of students and to provide an outstanding environment in which to learn, while managing scarce resources effectively.
  • Eliminate all modular classrooms from the District.
  • Study the pros and cons of potential consolidation of the elementary schools
  • Provide educational equity among all the schools.
  • Improve Security in all the schools.
  • Create a system of standards to evaluate the facilities objectively moving forward.
  • Identify potential funding sources for improvements, repairs, renovations, additions.
  • Create a Capital Improvements Plan:
    – To identify what level of funding will be required to meet your educational facilities needs over the next 5 years.
    – To prioritize Capital Improvement decisions using factual data.
    – To identify ways to stretch your O & M and CIP budgets further.
  • Produce a flexible, effective Long Range Facilities Plan which can be modified continuously in the future as needs change.

The Long Range Facilities Plan is charged with looking at various ways that quality education might be delivered at lower cost. One variable reviewed was whether or not the student capacity of the district’s school buildings is in alignment with student population trends. Population projections were reviewed to determine if they are likely to rise or fall over time.