84 Marginal Way/InterMed

Medical Office Building

Portland, Maine

InterMed, the largest private physician’s practice in the state, consolidated 50 physicians into this signature building located in the heart of Portland. Practices include Internal Medicine, OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, Ambulatory Surgery, Phlebotomy and Imaging. Providers are grouped by “pods” and share clinical staff and resources, increasing provider efficiency.
Patient privacy was addressed with the design of recessed monitors at the check-in desks, allowing patients to view and verify private information. Exam rooms were designed to be universal and flexibile. A standard size was used, as well as a typical layout, for future uses and to allow physicians and clinical staff to work efficiently in different locations. Exam rooms were also designed for modular furniture.
Interior finishes provide a welcoming environment. Signage and use of color and texture assist in way-finding. A mix of both patient care rooms and areas, as well as physician’s offices, are located on the building perimeter, allowing a shared experience of daylighting and access to the spectacular views.
“The efficient ‘pod’ configuration at InterMed’s Internal Medicine has increased productivity by 10% in our first year of occupancy. The practice pods create friendly, micro practices that are easily navigated by patients.” 
– Dr. Peter Gordan, Internal Medicine
 InterMed, Treasurer
Photography by Blind Dog Photography and David Lamb