2014 Excellence in Neighborhood Planning, American Planning Association, Rhode Island Chapter

Harriman’s work in West Warwick, Rhode Island was recognized with a Neighborhood Planning award from the Rhode Island chapter of American Planning Association. Congratulations to our client, Frederick Presley, Town Manager, Town of West Warwick and the rest of our project team, FXM Associates, Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc., and Robinson & Cole.

Harriman was hired to develop a strategy for the revitalization of the Arctic Village area. Many towns in Rhode Island, including West Warwick, faced difficult fiscal conditions during this period – Central Falls was forced to file for bankruptcy and there were fears that West Warwick would follow. The Town Manager’s vision was to use Section 45, Chapter 31 of the Rhode Island State General Laws authorizing the creation of a redevelopment authority as a tool to spur the redevelopment of Arctic Village.

The first phase of this project ended with Town Council’s acceptance of the Arctic Village Redevelopment Strategy. This report documented existing conditions, included an analysis of the gaps in retail types in the area, laid out a strategy of short- and long-term implementation steps, and set forth the components of a redevelopment plan. The redevelopment plan components fulfilled all of the requirements necessary for a redevelopment plan under Section 45, Chapter 32 except for the determination of blighted and substandard conditions and except for those elements related to specific redevelopment projects. The structure of the report allowed the Town to use Section 2 Redevelopment Plan Components as the basis for a final redevelopment plan.

pictured: Emily Keys Innes, Urban Planner with The Cecil Group and Stan Tabek, West Warwick Redevelopment Authority