Bangor Armed Forces Reserve Center (ARFC)

POV and Org Paving with LED Lighting Installation and Fuel Pad Repair

Bangor, Maine

Harriman recently designed repaving and new site lighting at the Bangor Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) in Bangor, Maine. This project included detailed site survey with Ground Penetrating Radar to identify existing buried utilities. Site survey was prepared to confirm to NAD83 horizontal datum and NAVD88 vertical datum for ease of conversion to Arc GIS. Harriman and its geotechnical engineering consultant conducted field investigation of existing pavement, gravels, and subgrade materials. Based on laboratory analysis of soil samples and visual observations of existing pavement a cross section for repaving both the Organization (ORG) and Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) parking areas was developed.

Harriman’s design included new under drains in the parking area and regrading of the finished surface to improve drainage to existing storm drainage structures. Harriman also provided environmental permitting services for new drainage outfalls for underdrains in the POV area. An integral part of Harriman’s design service included the replacement and enhancement of existing site lighting with new LED light poles and fixtures conforming to standards of the latest edition of the Illuminating Engineering Society. Lastly, a detailed phasing plan was prepared to allow for the construction of the paving and LED lighting while maintaining availability and access of the AFRC to the National Guard units.