Bethel Station Multi-use Downtown Development Civil Engineering

Bethel, Maine

Harriman prepared a master plan and site design for a 60-acre “downtown” area development in the small town of Bethel. The complex is planned for a hotel, movie theater, restaurants, condominiums, and retail businesses. It also includes one of the first new passenger rail stations in the state, created specifically to serve area ski resorts. Streets were designed to retain the turn-of-the-century character of the existing town. On-street parking, granite curbs, concrete and brick sidewalks, and historic-style lighting. A half-mile adjacent MDOT state highway was relocated as a scenic parkway along the Androscoggin River. Harriman managed the design process for the highway relocation, and worked with MDOT through design, permitting, and construction. Review of the storm water management system at both state and local levels was important. A wet pond was created to treat the runoff from the new street system of catch basins and storm piping. Runoff from parking lots was channeled through several small grass treatment basins prior to being dispersed into the wetlands.