Bridgton Academy Campus Improvements

North Bridgton, Maine

Bridgton Academy has established a unique community among academic institutions. Founded in 1808, Bridgton Academy is the only accredited preparatory school in the United States that exclusively offers a postgraduate year. The mission is to provide a program for young men in a unique, one-year postgraduate environment to prepare for the rigors of college and beyond.

In an effort to create a physical environment that supports the mission and the continuous pursuit of quality, a Campus Improvement Committee was formed. With support of the Board of Trustees, the committee endeavored to produce a Campus Improvement Guide. This guide provides direction in continued decision making to improve the exterior campus environment and celebrate the heritage of Bridgton Academy and “the year that makes a difference”.

The Master Plan for future landscape improvements on the Bridgton Academy campus plan is used to guide budget planning, project design, and construction scheduling for future campus improvements to include signage, hardscape, site furniture, and plant materials. The plan also includes identification of points of interest and delineation of an interpretive/historical campus trail.