Carpionato Development – Avon, CT.

Avon Town Center Mixed Use Development

Avon, Connecticut

Harriman served as the urban designers for the Avon Town Center project. Harriman was engaged by the development team to compose all of the elements in a coordinated plan for the first phase of this mixed-use project on several hundred acres of largely undeveloped land. This role included working with the Town’s planners and peer review consultants, along with the local landscape architects and civil engineers engaged in the project.

Harriman re-organized an initial master plan concept that had met significant resistance during the site plan review and approval process. Harriman evaluating the program and site conditions to adapt the new town center elements, which include retail, restaurant, housing, office and civic open spaces. Using 3-dimensional modelling, the Harriman team organized the site elements to create a new village Main Street. Harriman subsequently worked with the architects of individual projects to help create a thematic image suited to the Town’s historic character and unusual site features.