Central Artery Parks

Master Plan and Landscape Architecture

Prior to undertaking the final design and construction of the new parks on top of Boston’s depressed Central Artery, a major planning effort was conducted to establish the program of uses and characteristics of each of the parks. Harriman managed the planning effort in its role as part of a multi-firm consultant team. The process was conducted with an extensive participatory process to engage the hundreds of citizens and stakeholders along the corridor. The master plan that emerged was the basis for the subsequent designs that have transformed an entire edge of downtown Boston.

In addition Harriman served as the landscape architects for the final design and construction phase services for the reconstruction of the streetscape for a major segment of the downtown Central Artery project. The design connected waterfront parks along the Charles River to the redevelopment in the Bullfinch triangle, and is adapted to the high levels of traffic, transit use and pedestrian flows associated with the North Station commuter rail station and the regional sports and entertainment facility located there. Harriman’s work also included coordination with the Artery Arts program, preparing the construction documents and technical coordination that memorializes the historic West End district that once occupied this location.