City of Auburn Parking Garage

Auburn, Maine

The Harriman civil site design team worked closely with the City of Auburn Engineering, Planning and Public Works departments to plan and develop the urban site for the restoration of the historic Auburn Hall and the City’s first multi-level parking structure. Located in the center of the City’s urban core, a well-planned and carefully designed site was critical for the parking garage’s success.

This 450-space, four-level parking garage was built on a fast-track schedule with a construction manager to provide the parking needed when a new municipal center opened in the historic downtown of this small city.

The lower floors are gray, and brick-colored precast panels are used on the upper floors mimicking features in the surrounding architecture where granite beams and columns are predominant on ground-level floors and brick is used on the upper. A pedestrian bridge to the new municipal center provides easy access. All levels of the parking garage are open and well-lit, providing high visibility for safety. A wall of glass on the stairwell-elevator tower also allows garage users to be easily seen.

Bounded by Main Street, Court Street and Mechanics Row, the traffic flow to the new City Hall and adjacent garage was studied carefully. Vehicular traffic enters the site from two streets, and the garage entrance is on the opposite end from the pedestrian entrance to the City Hall. This keeps a sheltered pedestrian-only plaza between the City Hall and garage, separated from the large volume of vehicular traffic to the City Hall and other nearby downtown buildings. Harriman engineered the site and provided full construction drawings and specifications for stormwater flow into existing City storm systems, sanitary sewer connection, relocation of a major existing sanitary collector sewer, water and fire suppression connections, emergency vehicular access, parking lot reconstruction, and construction/restoration of brick sidewalks.