City of Easthampton

Downtown Strategic Plan

Easthampton, Massachusetts

Harriman is working with the City of Easthampton to create a Strategic Plan for the Downtown. After assisting the City in developing a “Complete Street” vision for their main commercial street – Union Street, Harriman was engaged by the City to create a Strategic Plan for their entire Downtown. The planning area comprises of distinct districts like Cottage Street Cultural District, Main Street, and Union Street commercial area, including three school properties that can be catalysts in spurring new investments in the Downtown. The study also examines existing smart growth overlay zoning to provide recommendations for refinements to remove hurdles in the redevelopment of properties.

The Union Street transportation improvement project is currently in detailed design funded by the state grant based on Harriman’s previous planning work. For the Downtown Plan, Harriman has conducted numerous public meetings to conclude the community engagement process and is wrapping up the study with the final implementation plan and deliverables.