Claremont City Center Neighborhoods Hybrid Form-Based Code

Claremont, NH

The City of Claremont is an historic New England community composed of a compact center and is surrounded by traditional neighborhoods. Harriman was engaged to draft new zoning to implement the City’s vision to enhance the mixed-use characteristics of the districts, enhance its walkability and livability, and attract new investment. The City has a highly unusual degree of contrasting uses within the neighborhoods and downtown, which the community recognizes as a major asset, but is not directly addressed within its conventional zoning rules. The rezoning initiative is intended to streamline approval processes by providing clear guidance regarding design and dimensional standards that will strengthen the traditional context of the community and simplify the process of obtaining permits and approvals, and ensuring appropriate relationships in a mixed-use environment. The process included a community-wide charrette and an active outreach process to understand the character of the community from the perspective of business owners and residents.