Harriman’s Engineering Staff Donates a Saturday to Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers

Harriman had one of the more popular and engaging booths at the Maine Engineering Expo, the final event in the week-long celebration of Maine’s engineers. Staffed by University of Maine Engineering Alums, Zach Pacheco, Matt Strong, Ben Hackett and Ben Ouellete, Harriman’s engineering team engaged students and parents alike on the virtues of engineering as a career, demonstrated their work and talked about what it means to be an engineer.

The highlight of the Harriman booth was the 3-D pen work area, where everyone could use the pens to make a design come to life in three-dimensional forms. The 3D pen, (3Doodler) was the talk of the expo, and it was a great way to showcase the workflow process Harriman’s engineers use every day, working from 2D design to 3D modeling. The students used the 3D pens in a way similar to an engineer using the PC for computer modeling.

The field-house building served as the perfect backdrop, having been designed several years earlier by Harriman. Nearly 3000 students and adults attended to learn about engineering from Maine’s top engineering firms, engineering schools, educators, government agencies, industry, and engineering societies.  This was a rich environment of hands-on learning and exhibits, and many fun and dynamic activities that demonstrated the multi-faceted field of engineering.

Maine Engineering Expo was held at University of Southern Maine Fieldhouse, Gorham ME and Sponsored by Maine Engineering Promotional Council.