A Day of Appreciation

Harriman got an early start on Employee Appreciation Day and celebrated its staff on February 27. Denise Ireland, Human Resources Manager started the day with an email to all employees with a BIG thank you and an invite to breakfast.

Breakfast at Harriman’s four office locations, was as a study in office contrast–from donuts and breakfast pizza in Auburn; bagels, cream cheese and lox in Portland; an assortment of pastries in Boston, to Portsmouth opting for pizza from Bratskellar for lunch.  Everyone enjoyed a few minutes of camaraderie and goodwill sharing food, conversation and coffee.

Rounding out the celebration was the “Movie Night Gift Pack” each employee received. Everyone’s desk was adorned with an old-fashioned popcorn box stuffed with goodies—boxed candy, microwave popcorn, Redbox movie gift cards and a Harriman engraved key chain. You could tell the success of the gift packs with how busy the microwaves were over the next few days!