Best Wishes for Harriman Summer Interns

This summer Harriman hosted four interns: Juliet Domine in the Portland office, Matthew Roy and Anna Brannigan in the Auburn office, and Keely Higgins in the Boston office. Each intern reflected upon their time at Harriman.

Juliet Domine rising junior at Syracuse University, Design Intern

“My favorite part of my experience at Harriman was seeing how both firms and architecture operate in the real world. This includes reviewing project schedules, the cost of projects, who does what in a project, code studies, etc. More specifically, my favorite part has been working on Mill Park, a project in Augusta. I was able to be a part of every step of the process thus far. I went to the site to gather site conditions and measurements, created the existing building in Revit, developed my own design/addition, and created the presentation for the client. This was a great experience because I saw what actually goes into the first few stages of designing a building. I realized the importance of asking questions to be on the same page as other people working on a task to successfully work together (and as an intern, actually be helpful).”

Matthew Roy incoming graduate student at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Designer Intern

“Working at Harriman has been a wonderful experience as a whole. This is my third semester being an intern here and throughout my time I have been able to learn so much and meet a lot of wonderful people. My favorite part of the internship has to be the people I get to work with on a daily basis. They have been nothing short of amazing and have given me so many opportunities to learn different aspects of the field. One of the biggest things that I have learned in my three separate internships with Harriman is to have fun and never be afraid to jump in with new ideas or questions for a project.”

Anna Brannigan incoming freshman at University of Maine at Orono, Electrical CAD Designer Intern

“My favorite part of my summer with Harriman has been the people. Throughout the summer I got an overwhelming sense that everyone here wanted me to succeed. Everyone in the Auburn office will tell you that if you don’t have the answer to a question or problem then someone in the office does. The best advice I was given was to ask questions because someone is bound to have the right answer.”

Keely Higgins rising junior at Syracuse University, Marketing and Public Relations Intern

“My internship at Harriman has been both a pleasure and a challenge and I can say that I’m leaving with more experience and insight than I could have asked for. Part of what made this experience so special was how I was treated at Harriman as an employee rather than just an “intern”, everyone I met from project leaders to architects helped me grow in professionalism.  My favorite part of my internship was the impact I was able to make— from having free range to come up with social media content, writing pieces for the website, and working as a team to complete the new website. This summer I have become a better writer, gained a deeper understanding of collaboration in the workplace, and improved my marketing skills.”