Dingley Building

Historic Restoration

Lewiston, Maine

Century-old drawings by Harriman’s founder guided the historically accurate renovation of the exterior of this three-story building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A school when built in 1882, it is now the administrative office for the city school district.

Restoration of the Dingley Building in an urban setting included historically appropriate site improvements, including a wrought iron fence, granite curbing, brick pavers, and appropriate landscaping.

 A new flag pole surrounded by a circular pattern of brick pavers created a focal point near the street. Replacement brick came from the attic to assure a perfect match.

Eaves were redesigned to provide proper ventilation and to stop the damage to roof and brick caused by condensation that developed when insulation was installed without a vapor barrier. Planting beds close to the building act as a buffer to the parking lot that also solved a winter problem of ice sliding off the roof and damaging cars below.

The parking lot was redesigned for greater efficiency.

Wooden doors identical to the originals took the place of metal entry doors that had been installed in the 1970s. And energy-efficient windows were custom-made to appear identical to the originals.