Durham Community School

New 505-Student School

Durham, Maine

This new pre-k through grade 8 facility replaces several smaller classroom buildings and portable classrooms.

Classroom clusters are joined together by naturally daylighted common spaces that allow for group work, as well as breakout space. Rooms for special services are located at the core of the building near stairs for easy access by all students and staff.

A full-size gymnasium, cafeteria, stage, art and music room are also provided. The administration suite of offices is located at the main entrance to allow staff to control security. Adjacent to the main entry are the integrated library, discovery lab and computer lab, which contain the most current technology and resources.

The geothermal system at the school is a closed-loop well design providing good reliability for the well field and heat pump system. The well field distributes system water through 66 individual closed-loop wells. The water returns to water-to-water heat pumps that produce both chilled water and heating water for the school’s terminal heating and cooling equipment.

87,521 sq. ft.


Photography by JS Photography