Duxbury Bay Maritime School

Duxbury, MA

Harriman served as the site planners, architects and landscape architects for the initial planning and development phases of this multiple-use maritime school on the historic Duxbury waterfront. This non-profit facility serves a large sailing and rowing community. The facilities were composed as a complete campus, with facilities for docking and storing boats, offices and classroom facilities, and facilities for boat repair and maintenance The facilities are designed to complement the adjacent harbor master’s office, Town Landing, and a nearby yacht club. The waterside facilities include floats and ramps for access to boats. Land-side facilities encompass pick-up and drop-off areas, parking and maneuvering for boats and trailers. Harriman designed the initial building on the site, which has been used as office space for the school staff and temporary housing for seasonal employees. The architectural design provides a contemporary interpretation of the historic waterfront buildings that are part of the community’s heritage.