Fall River Downtown Urban Renewal Plan

Fall River Redevelopment Authority

Fall River, Massachusetts

Harriman is leading a team of consultants that are assisting the Fall River Redevelopment Authority (FRRA) with the preparation of an urban renewal plan for the downtown. The focus of the planning process is the development of strategies that will allow the FRRA to work with private investors to address underutilized and vacant buildings in the downtown. Other strategies include tying the Downtown to the Waterfront.

The Fall River Redevelopment Authority is an independent public authority established pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Ch.121B.  While it is not a city department, its mission includes development and implementation of urban redevelopment and renewal programs and policies to support the city’s economic development and enhance the quality of life for its residents.  Harriman’s other on-going project with the FRRA is the Development of a Waterfront Urban Renewal Plan.

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