Manchester Form-Based Code and Design Standards

Manchester, Connecticut

As a follow-up to the adoption of an urban renewal plan, the Town of Manchester hired Harriman to prepare new development regulations and design standards that fulfill the vision for the Broad Street Redevelopment Area. The zoning supports the conversion of outmoded, low density retail and light industrial uses to a more vital mixed use district with a neighborhood scale. It was determined that a form-based code would be the most beneficial method of achieving the smart-growth goals outlined in the redevelopment plan, attracting new private investment, and facilitating higher density mixed-use of targeted redevelopment sites. Harriman prepared the new form based code, regulating plan and design standards for the district that specifically define and illustrate the desired mix of commercial, residential and civic uses; quality building forms and materials; “complete street” hierarchy emphasizing intermodal and pedestrian-oriented design of thoroughfares; and open spaces that provide passive and active recreational opportunities within the district and throughout the community. The form-based code was adopted in Spring 2012.