Giant Eagle

Eight New Construction and Major Addition/Renovation Projects and Standards Development

East/Central and Northern Ohio

Harriman’s work with Giant Eagle began with the development of their design and construction corporate standards for their construction division, AETOS Construction. These standards included mechanical, electrical and plumbing standards for their construction drawing set incorporating a standard drawing format, sheet numbering system, and standard typical details. A master project manual and specifications were developed which included all of the 16 divisions, with editor notes, for new and remodel stores to be used by their many architects and engineers.

Harriman successfully designed and engineered eight stores for Giant Eagle, leading their expansion plans into East/Central and Northern Ohio. Our first project, a new 93,000-sq.-ft. store in Elyria, Ohio, incorporated the newly developed standards.

The Giant Eagle stores included new “ground-up,” expansions with renovations, and remodels of existing purchased stores. New store prototypes were 80,000 and 93,000 sq. ft., while the expansions and remodels ranged from 35,000 to 50,000 sq. ft.

Harriman also provided permitting and construction administration services for each store through grand openings. Projects include the following store locations: Chesterland; Canton; Canton (30th Street); Canton (S. Raff Road); Chardon; Elyria; Mayfield; and Ravenna.