Harborcorp of Portsmouth

Mixed-use Development

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The North End Portsmouth Development is a private, mixed use project that improves a large vacant tract of urban renewal landscape. The North End was an Italian residential neighborhood until the entire area was razed in the early 1970s. The project is a major component of the City’s plan to rebuild this area and to provide parking and conference space in the downtown.

The complex program including retail, parking, hotel, residential and conference center is interwoven in the project to create a seamless complex. Situated in the historic district, the project contains architectural features to compliment the historic Portsmouth downtown. The large building is broken into 8 distinct architectural zones meant to break up the scale of the building. Step backs in height and wide sidewalks are also used to create a friendly pedestrian experience and encourage walking traffic. The project features several green spaces and plazas including a large roof garden meant to enhance the aesthetics of the downtown by adding distinct open and landscaped areas.

The parking garage will add parking to the downtown and serve the grocery store that will provide a walkable shopping solution for many downtown residents. The conference center will be the largest in the downtown and will take advantage of the hotels immediately adjacent to the project. Small retail shops, residential units, and a boutique hotel round out the mixed use project and add to the neighborhood connection.

The proposed development is currently described as a 5-story mixed use development with a footprint of 72,600 ± s.f. and gross floor area of 352,736 ± s.f., including a hotel/event center with 24,000 s.f. of event center space and 97 hotel rooms, 23 residential condominiums, 44,169 s.f. of retail, and 523 parking spaces (382 spaces in a garage structure and 141 below-grade spaces serving the retail use); with related paving, lighting, utilities, landscaping, drainage and associated site improvements.