Harbormaster and Visiting Boater Center

Feasibility Study and Design

Gloucester, Massachsetts

Harriman prepared the feasibility study to establish the most beneficial location and budget for creating a new Harbormaster facility in Gloucester. As a large commercial and recreational port with many dispersed mooring areas and landings, Gloucester’s Harbormaster operations employ a large staff, boats and equipment. This study evaluated the operational, regulatory, and financial implications of various sites that the City owns, could lease, or could acquire. The project will incorporate facilities for visiting boaters to support tourism and help make the Harbor a more desirable destination.

Harriman prepared a detailed program of facility needs, and then evaluated a short list of possible locations. Site and building design studies were undertaken for the landside, and waterside layouts were prepared. Cost estimates were assembled for each option and used in an analysis of the comparative costs and benefits associated with each site. The project included coordination with key stakeholders in the port.

Harriman has been retained to advance the detailed design and construction documents for the facility.