House of Lights

Showroom Renovations

Scarborough, Maine

The House of Lights is a family-owned lighting and design showroom in Scarborough Maine. Owned by the Holmes family for over 50 years, The House of Lights was entering its 25th year in its present location at the Roundwood Business Park. The owners wanted to expand the existing showroom and create a theater-like experience for selling lighting fixtures. Rather than flooding the ceiling and walls with many fixtures as fixtures were currently displayed, Harriman designed individual vignettes for families of fixtures as well as specific use areas, such as kitchen, garden and exterior, bathroom and bedroom lighting.

The existing facility had a “lighting lab” to showcase different light types and the effect on a room, however, this renovation provided the opportunity to turn the entire facility into a light lab. All displays are programmed into a control system that easily transforms the vignettes with multiple options for lighting. Expanding into their existing warehouse space more than doubled the retail square footage to just over 9,000 square feet, making The House of Lights the largest lighting showroom in Northern New England.

Photography by David Lamb Photography