How can we Keep Urbanism Sustainable?

Margarita Iglesia AICP, Senior Urban Planner and Designer

We need to focus on development in areas that are already developed in order to leave underdeveloped areas in their natural, pristine condition. If a LEED certified building has a 30-minute commute, energy is lost in transportation and it loses some of its sustainability. This idea falls in line with new urbanism and incorporating nature into the city. Sustainability is a balanced, three-legged stool made up of the environment, economy, and equity. The most important elements to sustain this balance are concentrated in compact development, room for vegetation and green spaces, water and energy conservation, public transportation, and access to employment and housing.

Iglesia shared these concepts and others at the Expo-Congresso of Housing, Architecture, and Sustainable Urban Design at the University Vizcaya of the Americas Campus Mexicali. This was her second year being invited to speak at the conference. She is recognized due to her expertise on LEED-ND and sustainable urbanism.