Refrigerant Gasses and Climate Change

Written By Matt Strong

Ozone damage caused by refrigerant gasses is a big topic in climate change that needs to be addressed. Today’s cooling systems use HCFC such as R410A & R22 and HFC refrigerants but there is a plan by 2020 to swap out these gasses for HFO refrigerants and others such as R22 which are more environmentally friendly. The challenge that comes with this swap is that the effectiveness of the gas decreases. Eventually all systems across the United States will have to adapt to the HFO. Cooling systems that are currently used in schools, offices, and even common refrigerators will need to be replaced in a one-to-one swap. Now is the time to begin addressing the change as we start to design new schools and buildings that are going to be around for this. Engineers and building owners will have to ask themselves how this will affect their buildings and learn how to account for this change. As a company we are being proactive in this change— we do care about the future of the climate and are also implementing.