Jewelry District/Old Harbor

Planning Framework Study

Harriman led a multi-disciplinary team that identified a shared vision for the future of the Jewelry District, which lies at the edge of Providence’s downtown. The planning effort was organized and sponsored by a coalition of key stakeholders to define shared institutional and public initiatives that will effectively integrate institutional expansion within a vital, mixed-use framework. The planning project was co-sponsored by The Providence Foundation and the Jewelry District Association, and co-managed by Brown’s Director of Strategic Growth and the Executive Director of the non-profit Providence Foundation. Harriman facilitated an extensive institutional and community participation process, and worked with a special Steering Committee that included participation of key municipal officials, institutional participants, land owners, and residents.


The study resulted in a “Planning Framework” for the district that identified a variety of planning, urban design and infrastructure investment strategies and implementation tools designed to weave together institutional and municipal interests. These include innovative zoning methods to provide incentives for high-quality housing and commercial and research & development uses to accompany institutional growth. The planning study recognized that institutional reinvestment will provide the critical economic activity and physical redevelopment that will be needed to leverage future private reinvestment. Integral to this redevelopment will be shared infrastructure strategies that ensure that the campus and civic networks of streets, sidewalks, parking and utilities form a seamless fabric over time.