Kennebunk Lower Village Master Plan

Kennebunk, Maine

Harriman was engaged in creating a streetscape design and other planning services for the Lower Village in Kennebunk for the Town. The streetscape design will complement circulation improvements along the streets that converge at Coopers Corner. This prominent crossroads is poorly suited to the flows of vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians that pass through it. The Town sought a more coherent design that enhances the appearance of the area, better contributes to its economic success, and is a fitting civic transition to nearby residential areas.

Harriman was responsible for the landscape architecture, urban design, and community participation for this multi-disciplinary effort.

The streetscape process included careful consideration of the relationship between abutters, nearby uses, and parking to create a pragmatic design that provides a
better relationship between the streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, and open space. Among other capabilities, Harriman ’s professional team contributed its specialized skills in visualizing changes with three-dimensional modeling and other tools to convey the potential improvements to the visual character and functional operations of this mixed-use area.

Harriman prepared design guidelines and implementation recommendations to guide the design of new developments. The goal of these guidelines is to complement the existing village character.