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Jeffrey P. Larimer, AIA, CSI


Becoming a history buff sometimes happens later in life. Jeff never understood the need to study history in school, but when an aunt died several years ago, he uncovered a trove of documents on his family history and became intrigued with family genealogy.
Jeff has traced his family back to the 1700s. A Pennsylvania forebear started the first iron foundry in America. “It’s reinvigorated my interest in history.” Architecture was another story. A high school guidance counselor saw his interest in floor plans and architecture and steered him to take drafting courses, which led to Penn State and a degree in Architecture. “At the time, I had no idea that I was living so near many of my ancestors.”
Today, Jeff is a project leader in Harriman’s K-12 practice. “History is research driven and designing schools is about research,” says Jeff. “You really have to probe deeply into what a client wants, to gain insight into what a client needs. In the real world a school is a lot more than design.”
Jeff lives with his wife and two sons in Auburn, the 16th generation in his long family line.
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