Maine Housing

Office Building Addition and Renovations

Augusta, Maine

Maine Housing is an independent state agency that assists low and moderate income families with housing and assistance suitable to their needs.

Due to space needs at their current rented office location in downtown Augusta, the agency purchased an existing office building located at 26 Edison Drive with the intent of renovating the space into their new corporate offices. Harriman was hired to analyze and update previously completed programming needs for their current staff level of approximately 175 employees.

The current structure was built in the mid-1980s as a data center for a financial institution. It is a two-story brick structure with partial ribbon fenestration. The project is now complete for an open office environment that provides a one-to-one seating ratio for workstations and offices. By opening up the exterior walls, more natural light flood the office environment providing this much needed resource to the staff.

The public sector of the building is designed for staff safety and security without appearing to be a barrier to the public. The existing raised flooring is utilized to run utilities through the office space and to the workstations without the need for unsightly power poles that obstruct the view. Lower partition heights reinforce interconnectedness among staff while still positioning staff in departmental “neighborhoods” for ease of collaboration.