Maine Maritime Academy Dismukes Hall Renovations

Castine, Maine

Historic Dismukes Hall is the oldest and most relished building at the Maine Maritime Academy located in picturesque Castine, Maine. Originally constructed in 1872 as the Eastern State Normal School, it now houses a number of academic functions including classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices and the Kennaday Planetarium. The building has witnessed many modifications over the years, though the oldest sections had not seen a significant renovation for more than 40 years.
In transforming the tired structure into a 21st century learning and working space, careful attention was given to respect the historic tradition of the building and the Academy while upgrading major building systems. These included lighting, instructional technology, life safety and mechanical systems. Interior furniture and finishes were chosen to enhance the indoor environment, provide durability and ease of maintenance, and further the College’s sustainability initiatives.
The project was completed within a demanding 6-month construction schedule. Fall classes resumed in a new modern academic facility within an historic 140- year-old structure.
Photography by Blind Dog Photo Associates