Maine Maritime Academy, Locker Room Renovation

Smith/Alexander Hall Locker Room Renovations

Castine, Maine

Maine Maritime Academy’s athletic programs have changed considerably since the construction of its athletic complex in 1970. New varsity team sports and an increase in female athletes required a review of its facilities.
The project encompassed approximately 3,000 sq.-ft. of renovations located at the lower level of the Smith/Alexander Hall. The space currently contains a configuration of men’s and women’s athletic locker rooms. The scope of services involved the reconfiguration of four existing locker rooms, one empty room (old band room) and a portion of the existing men’s public/staff locker room to create six locker rooms, new partitions, lockers flooring and finishes, electrical lighting and power, and reconfiguration of HVAC systems.
In order to meet the increasing space needs within the constraints of the existing locker rooms, Harriman met with the athletic department staff to program an efficient solution. Primary concerns centered on equity of resources for both men’s and women’s teams. Planning also integrated new use concepts related to locker rooms as team rooms and video review spaces. The resulting plan also utilizes a strategy where toilet and shower facilities are shared eliminating duplicate facilities. Use patterns demonstrated that the rooms are rarely scheduled concurrently.