McMahon Elementary School


Lewiston, Maine

The McMahon Elementary School was originally built in 1969 as a single-story structure on a 67-acre site. In 2007, a single-story addition was constructed to add five self-contained classrooms which brought the building up to approximately 52,175 sq. ft. to accommodate about 460 students in grades kindergarten through six.

To address continuing increases in Lewiston’s student population, three separate additions were completed in 2011 to add a five classroom addition for pre-k and kindergarten, expand the size of the library to meet current recommendations, and an art and music classroom addition. This increased the capacity of the school to over 500 students. The new library addition with its clock tower along with a redeveloped entrance is now the focal point of the school to make it more inviting.

Recently completed, was the addition of a new full-size gymnasium to eliminate the conflicts in the existing multi-purpose space and to provide the school and community with an appropriately sized space for athletic programs and larger assemblies. This addition also includes a new eight-classroom wing to accommodate future growth in the student population.

Photography by JS Photography