Municipal Facilities Master Plan and Space Needs Analysis

Town of Bedford

Bedford, New Hampshire

The Town of Bedford, New Hampshire selected Harriman to conduct a master plan of 11 municipal facilities. Harriman ’s interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers conducted comprehensive site and facility assessments to identify any significant maintenance or infrastructure issues. Each of the Town’s properties were evaluated based on 32 separate criteria to help pinpoint infrastructure was lacking or in disrepair.

Programming interviews were held with every Town department to understand specific the staffing requirements of each group, as a basis for determining current and future space needs. We conducted an in-depth analysis of the data to identify potential duplication of services as well as opportunities for enhanced collaboration and sharing of mutually-beneficial program spaces.

This process included a determination of the highest and best use of each property for the Town’s overall needs. Of critical importance was its safety complex home to the Police and Fire Departments. Due to increased demands for both departments, Harriman evaluated location alternatives for the emergency services components of these departments as well as developing a list of benefits and concerns for each option.

Alternative development options for each of the 11 buildings were created for the Town to consider which ranged from simple renovations to wholesale changes in how services are delivered to their community. Considerations included optimal adjacencies between departments as well as best use and reuse of existing Town facilities.

Based on a series of preferred options, a final recommended scenario option is being developed for the Town Council. They will be able to utilize the final recommendation as a framework for short and long-term facilities and departmental improvements.