Newmarket Middle and High School

Life Safety Improvements and New vs. Renovation Study

Newmarket, New Hamsphire

The current Newmarket Middle & High School was built in September 1925 on a site bordered by Main Street and Moonlight Brook. As enrollments increased, the school had additions in 1965 and 1987 and renovations in 1965, 1987, and 1998. This resulted in a building size of approximately 84,270 sq.-ft., comprised of 54,690 sq.-ft. on the first floor, and 28,190 sq.-ft. on the second floor. Renovations to correct code compliance deficiencies are scheduled for 2012-2015.

In 2004, Harriman was engaged to do an assessment of the schools for compliance with various building and safety codes and the suitability of each building to support the educational programs. The resulting reports completed in October 2004 were Facility and Program Analyses for the Jr/Sr High School and Elementary School. The Facility Analysis examined ADA and Life Safety code compliance as well as civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical systems. The Program Analysis noted a number of areas in which the school facility was not supporting the needs of the educational program, the students and staff. Both reports recommended improvements to resolve identified deficiencies. The reports identified even more deficiencies at the existing Jr/Sr High School, and it was judged impractical to renovate or add on to the current facility to resolve all the deficiencies. In 2012 Harriman was retained and a new Facility Analysis of the Jr/Sr High School was conducted with similar findings.

Based on their educational specifications, the School Board requested to consider the following two options:

Option 1 – New Facility

Harriman conducted a program needs assessment for the School District. It identified that double the space that exists in the present facility is needed. A new 174,000 sq.-ft. facility was designed on the Carpenter property across the street with an estimated construction cost of $38M. This design included future classroom additions

Option 2 – Addition with renovations

The proposed 171,000 sq.-ft. renovation project addressed four areas of need: enrollment growth, fire and life safety, condition of the facility, and inadequate facility to support educational program. However, this option was not able to address 100% of the needs with an estimated cost of approximately $33M. Of additional concern, this route would have taken at least six months longer to construct and the site would have been totally filled leaving no room for expansion.

2011- 2014 Life Safety Compliance Services

The existing Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School was reviewed by the State Fire Marshal’s Office and deemed in need of Life Safety improvements. The School Board had been preparing warrant articles for their School District meetings regarding Options 1 & 2. As an interim solution the State Fire Marshal’s Office required life and fire safety improvements upgrades to the existing school facility. Harriman provided the construction documents (drawings & specs) which included; architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection disciplines. We also provided construction bidding/negotiation and construction administration services during the past four summers.

The summer projects consisted of the following:

Replacing failing plaster ceilings with new gypsum board and suspended acoustical tile ceilings, demolition of a stair, addition of an accessible ramps, upgrades to existing stairs, upgrading fire ratings for many doors, addition of spray foam insulation to the underside of the existing roof deck, new floor finishes and painting. Special areas of design included renovation of an existing Science Lab/Classroom and relocation of a new Science Lab/Classroom.