Developing Resilience Living with Water Strategies for Greater Boston

Emily Innes contributed to Urban Land Institute’s September 2015 report.

Urban Land Institute

Sep 14, 2015.

ULI Boston/New England’s 2014 report, The Urban Implications of Living with Water, opened by stating, “We are beginning to feel the effects of climate change.” After the report’s release in September 2014, Boston experienced a record-breaking winter with 110.6 inches of snow and two of Boston’s heaviest snow storms of all time. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the unprecedented winter of 2014-2015, climate resiliency has become a crucial component of Greater Boston’s urban development. With funding from the Kresge Foundation and ULI Foundation’s Urban Innovation Grant, ULI Boston/New England now brings you Developing Resilience as a follow-up to the 2014 report. This report focuses on resiliency strategies related to sea level rise and coastal storms in Greater Boston. It summarizes the findings of four interdisciplinary ULI Boston/New England Local Product Councils: Infrastructure, Housing & Economic Development, Urban Design, and Sustainability. Read Full Article >