A Kid’s Eye View


Sep 07, 2006.

When Daniel Cecil was named lead architect for Kennebunk Elementary School in 2001, he took the school’s motto, “Look through the eyes of a child and see the wonders of the world,” to heart. He also took it literally. “One of the first things my colleague Mark Lee and I did was walk on our knees in our office,” says Cecil, of Harriman Associates, in Auburn, Maine, when recalling his early work on the K–3 school, which is now two years old. “We wanted to see what things look like from a child’s perspective.” Today, that slogan—prominently displayed in block letters on the muted green wall in the school’s spacious entryway—sets the child-centric tone felt throughout the 102,400-square-foot-campus, situated on 70 acres of lush woods in Kennebunk, Maine. Read Full Article >