Southborough EDC Releases New Permitting Guide for Business and Residents

Developed by Harriman

Southborough EDC website

Apr 05, 2017.

The Southborough EDC is excited to release its first ever Permitting Guide for Business and Residents. This Permitting Guide for Establishing and Growing Your Business in Southborough is to help new and existing businesses, and residents navigate the permitting processes in Town. The purpose of this Guide is to “create an easy step-by-step model for navigating the often-times complex and confusing permitting processes,” said, Pam DiGiovanni, EDC Coordinator. “We hope that new and existing businesses, and even residents who want to remodel or make an addition on their home, can have a road map that provides a better understanding of and where to start the permitting process in Southborough.” The Southborough EDC secured Harriman, the Architecture, Engineering and Planning firm to help with this project, and worked in close cooperation with the all municipal departments to ensure a complete and accurate permitting process is set forth.

harriman-southborough-bus-guideEmily Innes, LEED AP ND, Senior Urban Planner at Harriman, who worked closely with the EDC, adds,“Harriman was delighted to assist Southborough’s EDC in the preparation of the Southborough Permitting Guide, which we based on best practices from the American Planning Association (APA) and the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies. This guide will be instrumental in making information more accessible to businesses that will contribute to the economic development of Southborough.”  Mark Purple, Southborough’s Town Administrator, applauds the EDC’s efforts and says “The Economic Development Committee (EDC) has done a great job in providing a more defined pathway for residents and businesses who are looking to move to Southborough, or simply make improvements to their existing property. By clearly defining the requirements of certain types of permits, it allows applicants to have realistic expectations on how quickly the process can be completed.”

The EDC announced the Permitting Guide’s release on Friday, March 24 at the Commercial Broker Breakfast, hosted by the EDC. The Guide was welcomed by the local and regional Commercial Brokers in attendance, who noted that this Permitting Guide will help build economic development and assist to bring new businesses to Southborough – taking the ‘guess-work’ out of the permitting process is critical, especially when helping entrepreneurs establish themselves into a new space.

The Permitting Guide is available for download here.  Printed copies are available at the Town House, 17 Common Street, or by emailing Pam DiGiovannni, EDC Coordinator. Please call Pam at (508) 485-0710, ext. 3011 for more information about this project or about moving your business to Southborough.

This release originally appeared on the Southborough EDC website.