Norwalk Reed Putnam Urban Renewal Plan

South Norwalk, Connecticut

Harriman, formerly as The Cecil Group, prepared the development master plan for the Norwalk Reed Putnam redevelopment area near the Route 7/I-95 interchange in Southern Connecticut. The master plan included approximately 2 million square feet of development, with a significant concentration of mid-rise office space. Building, streetscape, and landscape guidelines were established, as well as the reconfiguration of the streets and utilities serving the area.

During the implementation phase, Harriman assisted the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency in reviewing the proposed design of a mixed-use development project within the redevelopment area. The project received final approvals for the project, which has been constructed along the banks of the Norwalk River. Harriman reviewed the project design relative to established public goals and guidelines and provided recommendations for revisions focused on architectural compatibility, pedestrian realm and strengthening the landscape links within the site and to nearby areas.

The master plan and peer review services have successfully served as the framework for redevelopment. Nearly half of the redevelopment has been completed to date. The design and construction of the final infrastructure components are underway. Developer designation has been completed for the land, and the final projects are being advanced towards construction.