University of New Hampshire

Paul Creative Arts Center Accessibility Upgrade

Durham, New Hampshire

The Paul Creative Arts Center’s unique nature on the UNH campus results from several factors. This horseshoe shaped building is the epicenter of the visual and performing arts. Each of the major functions-the Johnson and Hennessy Theatres, Department of Theater and Dance, Museum of Art, Department of Art and Art History, and the Department of Music, are housed in distinct areas of the building. Harriman was tasked with developing a solution for vertical accessibility within a building that does not have a ‘center’ common to all departments or levels.

Working with Department Representatives, Doug Bencks, Campus Architect, and the University ADA Compliance Officer, a single elevator solution was not feasible, therefore three distinct locations would be needed. Due to budget limitations the project proceeded with two areas where their program offerings could not be accommodated elsewhere in the building nor on campus.