Boston Fairmount Indigo Corridor Plan

Boston, Massachusetts

Today people are expecting more from their neighborhood. The places people choose to live must provide opportunity, connection, walkability, recreation, amenity and a high quality of life. Harriman led a comprehensive community-based corridor-wide planning process for the Fairmount Indigo corridor in Boston. Harriman applied the concept of Complete Neighborhoods, 20-minute Living, Livability, and Sustainable Community Health to the project.

The Fairmount Indigo Corridor is a 9.2 mile transit corridor serviced by the MBTA commuter rail. The planning initiative was a two-tiered process consisting of corridor-wide planning and station area neighborhood planning. At the corridor scale, Harriman prepared economic development and branding strategies for the corridor to reposition the underserved communities along its path within the larger Boston metropolitan context. At the station area scale, Harriman prepared a detailed analysis of potential public realm, development, housing and open space improvements to better connect the neighborhoods to the rail corridor and other resources within Boston. At the foundation of this planning process was extensive community outreach and participation within the corridor neighborhoods with advisory groups, community meetings, visioning sessions, and stakeholder involvement. The actionable items in  this planning study have the potential to impact 190,000 residents, approximately one-third of the population, who live within a half-mile of the commuter rail corridor.