RSU #21, Mildred L. Day Elementary School

Addition and Renovations

Arundel, Maine

The Mildred L. Day Elementary School is the de facto community center for the Town of Arundel. But over the past 20 years two of the four school classroom wings had been settling because they were improperly built on very soft soils. One wing settled 18” since it was constructed in the 1980s. These two wings were recently replaced with new construction in a location on site with good soils, attached to the remaining wings.

The new wing adds a Gym/Cafeteria and Kitchen, a Library, 6 Classrooms, Administration Offices, a Town Parks and Recreation Office, and substantial additional parking with a separate bus loop. The renovated school now includes a sprinkler and fire alarm system, plus a complete replacement of the mechanical and electrical systems. It has 41,631 sq. ft. of space that results in a school that has educationally appropriate spaces for all its programs, and is substantially more durable and energy efficient.