Salem Downtown Urban Renewal Plan

Salem Redevelopment Authority

Salem, MA

Harriman assisted the Salem Redevelopment Authority with the update and consolidation of two of the City’s urban renewal plans. The major plan update consolidated both plans into one, redefined the plan boundaries, and updated the design standards to be more reflective of desired outcomes. The plan allows the Salem Redevelopment Authority to continue their activities in revitalizing the downtown by eliminating and preventing the recurrence of blighting factors, preserving and enhancing the historic architecture and resources that contribute to the downtown, and undertaking activities that encourage public or private redevelopment of vacant or underutilized parcels and buildings. In addition to the plan update, Harriman prepared the MEPA filing required by the process.

This plan took into account the positive investment environment that has emerged in Salem due to past reinvestment in cultural facilities, the public realm, and historic preservation preservation. The strategy provides specific tools to attract desirable mixed-use redevelopment while preserving the historic fabric and structures that distinguish it as one of the most prominent preservation venues in the nation. The plan provides guidance for special design reviews, pro-active redevelopment of public properties, and support for district-wide parking and circulation improvements. The planning process included close coordination with community organizations and advocates, leading to a 2012 Preservation Award from Historic Salem, Inc.

The Salem Downtown Renewal Plan was awarded a 2012 Preservation Award from Historic Salem, Inc.