Sanford School Department

Pre K-8 School Restructuring Study

Sanford, Maine

Harriman is creating a study that includes a review of all the existing school buildings in the Sanford School Department. In response to district-wide overcrowding and design of a new high school, Sanford’s Pre K – 8th grade capacity and core program was evaluated. The goal is to determine restructuring options for consolidation in order to close old, outmoded, and expensive facilities.

Numerous meetings with the Core Building Committee yielded recommendations to shift grade distribution and close two schools. By shifting elementary to Pre K-4 and middle school to 5-8, Sanford is able to provide more equitable education facilities for its residents. The shift also makes best use of Sanford’s existing facilities and provides an optimal geographic distribution of elementary schools.

Recommendations are based on a data-driven approach that includes capacity benchmarks from the DOE and from the Sanford School Department. Proposed program is also shown graphically on plans to show how the new program would fit into the existing buildings.