South Norwalk Transit Oriented Development Master Plan

South Norwalk, Connecticut

This master plan establishes a strategy to attract Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and revitalize a deteriorated urban neighborhood. The neighborhood is a multi-ethnic district with relatively low average incomes, a deteriorated housing stock and patterns of vacancy and underutilization of commercial properties. The Station is heavily used by commuters both leaving and coming to Norwalk and its strong employment base. Leading a multidisciplinary team, Harriman has established a strategy that will leverage the strong mixed-income residential rental market and set the stage for small business growth in a focus area that is within several blocks of the station. The implementation plan will invite joint public/private sector redevelopment of key, City owned properties. The plan includes an extensive “connectivity component,” establishing a framework of new and improved pedestrian and bicycle links – while redirecting commuter parking and traffic to locations and routes that will reduce impacts on the neighborhood.